SUMLAB starts out its mission from Sardinia with the aim of defining a scalable and replicable model able to catalyse energies and innovative and entrepreneurial spirits. SUMLAB enables and facilitates the design of innovative learning and development experiences by promoting initiatives for the empowerment of the new generations of students and social innovators. Providing a research and networking platform the organisation operates through three divisions:


  • Student consulting projects
  • SMART TALK | Mentoring 1:1
  • Testimonials


  • Events
  • Production of editorial contents
  • Idea generation contests/competitions

Think Tank

  • Research projects
  • Sectoral and macroeconomic analysis
  • Support to idea & start-up generation


SUMLAB initiatives involve and are supported by many actors:

University and high school students, who want to join an innovative networking project

Senior professionals who are willing to offer, pro bono, their time and competencies to coach and mentor students and young entrepreneurial minds

Companies, Start-Ups, Public Institutions, Third Sector Organizations: beneficiaries and promoters of SUMLAB’s projects

Academic, Institutional, Public and Private Organizations, partnering with SUMLAB and providing infrastructure, support, sponsorship

If you also share our vision, want to contribute to our mission and take part to
our projects, please apply using one of the forms below: