SUMLAB promotes and develops under the Crosspollinate division initiatives focused on the dissemination of the culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability and on the promotion of intergenerational dialogue to support and ignite innovative and critical thinking thourgh organization of events, production of editorial contents, promotion of idea generation contests and some proprietary project formats such as BOOK LAB.

BOOK LAB is a SUMLAB format developed under the Crosspollinate.

Inspired by the classic literary clubs, the BOOK LAB approach enriches and boosts the conventional dynamics, enhancing the role of the book or essay pivoted into a link and catalyst of intergenerational dialogue and contamination of ideas between the key actors of the model:

High School Students
University Students

Authors, Subject Matter Experts

Instrumental to the design and delivery of each BOOK LAB experience and to the achievement of its learning and development objectives are the key Partners to the format:

Operational/Editorial Partners

Academic Partners

Scholastic Partners

BOOK LAB - How it works

A the core of the format, one or more Groups of High School Students undertake a critical reading challenge of a book or an essay, joined and coordinated by a Team of University Students from Faculties and Departments related to the themes and topics addressed by the book and consistent with SUMLAB’s mission.

The joined critical reading experience, culminates in one or more opportunities for exchange and debate with relevant professionals, subject matter experts or the Author herself.

Books and essays are selected with the support and in collaboration with one or more Academic partners and Operational / Editorial partners.