The Division Education develops innovative experiences of active learning and projects that facilitate the exchange and collaboration between students and agents of the innovative ecosystems. As part of the Division Education, SUMLAB has developed different formats such as the Student Consulting challenges, SMART TALK | SUMLAB’s Mentoring 1:1 offer, and entrepreneurs, founders, professionals testimonials and roadshows.


SUMLAB’s Student consulting challenges  aim to give University Students the opportunity to play the role of consultants, working on a theoretical consulting  assignment developed within an Organization (company or public or private institution in Italy or abroad) part of   SUMLAB’ network in alignment with the educational and curricular objectives validated by a relevant Academic Partner.

The projects are carried out under the coordination of a Mentor, a highly qualified professional, part SUMLAB’ network- The Student Cosnulting Challenge is coordinated by a  SUMLAB project manager, also an experienced professional, representing the main point of contact for all the stakeholders involved (Students, Mentors, Teachers, Organizations) , and the ultimate  guarantor for their alignment and adherence to SUMLAB’ values ​​and mission throughout the duration of projects.

Education | SMART TALK

With SMART TALK, in line with the more traditional Mentoring 1:1 formats, SUMLAB leverages its vast network of experienced professionals, to offer the possibility to participating students, to engage into insightful learning and development conversations with a Mentor, in the form of one or more informal virtual chats.

Our Mentors, sharing SUMLAB’s vision and values, volunteer their time and professional experience  to support the development and awareness of the students/Mentees in relation to their professional goals and inclinations, through and limited to the sharing of experiences and competencies acquired during the course of their professional career.