SUMLAB is a non-profit organization committed to seeding and creating empowerment opportunities for University and High Schools students, the future change makers and promoters of new visions of sustainable development and growth


We believe that every place and every environment where each individual is given the opportunity to shine, has the potential to become an innovation laboratory, pioneering and hyper-connected; an ecosystem of experimentation and multi-disciplinary and intergenerational contaminations, a hub of knowledge that collects the stimuli and experience of local and external excellences and places them at the service of growth, in a model that supports and encourages the new generations of students to be key agents of sustainable value creation and social change.
We want to seed and create those opportunities, starting from Sardinia with the aim of defining a scalable and replicable model able to catalyse energies and innovative and entrepreneurial spirits.


Our organizational and governance principles, our activities and our projects are driven and deep-rooted in our core values as set out in our Code of Ethics: integrity, inclusion, diversity and centrality of human dignity and individuality


  • Why the students: we want to re-start learning from the real disruptive innovators and channel their energy

  • Why SUMLAB: we want to keep growing and developing while ‘giving back’ something

  • Why sharing our experiences and competencies: to provide a framework, stimuli and impulses to the generation of new ideas​

  • Why starting from Sardinia: we believe Sardinia has an enormous untapped innovative potential


  • Exposing the students to innovative and stimulating initiatives and ideas

  • Promoting creativity, a culture of optimism, self-entrepreneurship and sustainability

  • Spreading the culture of collaboration, of pursuit of excellence and of active participation

  • Contaminating, inspiring, hybridizing new ideas and initiatives

SUMLAB, through the development of its projects and initiatives, aims to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals as set out in the UN 2030 Agenda


  • Supporting quality, inclusive, accessible, innovative learning and development frameworks

  • Contributing to the promotion of a sustainable development culture

  • Supporting the developmentof a global citizenshipthat recognizes diversity as a factor of
    growth and innovation